what does the face card the 5 of clubs mean in card reading?

what does the face card the 5 of clubs mean in card reading?
I found a 5 of clubs card on the sidewalk on a significant day in my life. What could this mean? Good luck?

Suggestion by hartless63
Either that or 5 gang-bangers are about to jump out of an alley.

Suggestion by romana2112
Short answer: Did you have good luck that day? The card means what ever you sense it means. 90% of Tarot reading is the interpretation of the reader.

Long answer: This is a rather difficult question, as there are as many interpretations of the cards as there are versions of the tarot. In general, clubs (or wands, or staves, or batons) represent air, or growth, The number 5 tends to represent instability or struggle, as well as the whole of the physical senses.

You have said it was a significant day. My feeling is just that. This card in your case denotes a change or struggle that probably caused someone involved to grow in some aspect of their life.

In my deck, the Mary Hanson-Roberts tarot, the illustration is of 5 boys fighting with sticks. The fight seems to be a playful one, the type of immature mischief that boys tend to get into while learning how to socially interact. A rehearsal for the real, grown-up world, if you will.

My own use of tarot cards is not for divination as such, but as a guide to look at my life from a different angle. Not knowing your situation, if I were to randomly draw the 5 of rods on any given day I would double check my goals to make sure I had not lost focus, and double check my attitude to keep from turning playful mischief into a full blown fight.

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is Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot the best book to start with?
Hey I’m just starting to learn how to read tarot cards and understand them. I found this book on a website “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot” and it got really good reviews on tarots, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a better book to start with.

Suggestion by Matt Sullivan
I would suggest the one you mentioned. It is really good for the basic foundation of knowledge we al need to then elaborate on. Later, I would suggest buying more advanced books.
But Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot is DEFINITELY a good start!

My only concern, if your brain is as fast-working as mine, you may ‘mentally outgrow’ it soon, meaning it will be too simple. but then, just buy a new book!

PS: I love how you are taking up tarot! All the best

Suggestion by LC
A much better choice is Paul Foster Case’ classic,
The Tarot:A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages
Also ‘google’ paul foster case the tarot and look at those results there are downloadable decks.
Get the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.)Deck along with the the book mentioned above.

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