i need a free psychic reading (read)?

i need a free psychic reading (read)?
okay i need an absolute free psychic reading ..no credit card needed ..anyone have a link

Suggestion by Mark
You can get free psychic reading here : http://www.meryem.com/free-psychic-readings.aspx

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Free Psychic Readings?
Is there anywhere I can get one for free without giving my credit card information? Since I don’t have one, I’m only 17.

Suggestion by jayne
just live your life.
everything will turn out for better or worse.
do good, be good, everything will be good.
good deeds = good karma.

and i heard that psychic reading aren’t very true..
you don’t want to waste money on that.
read your horoscopes daily–that works for me

ps, don’t get a credit card if you’re gonna use it on psychic readings!!
alot of us young people are in serious debt now-a-days..
and it’s not fun.. credit card is not free money
i’m learning that the hard way )=

Suggestion by texasbabygirl
you can always go to a store. EX: walmart or Kroger’s and get a pre paid credit card. They all work the same just be sure to register it on-line.

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where can i get free psychic reading for free online?
just wanna know what my furture gonna be like

Suggestion by Avatar
I predict, bogus answers.

Suggestion by aliana
There is this new free psychic who gives free readings no credit cards needed or anything I email her daily she is definateley legit her website is Insightpsychic.yolasite.com

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